Road Trippin’


It’s time for another road trip, and I am beyond excited.

Some people prepare their bags neatly in a pile of organized colors, shapes and styles. That’s just not me because my bag is like my life: Messy and unpredictable.

I usually forget to pack until the absolute last minute.


Because I work best under pressure, but also I am busy with other things like planning out the perfect playlist or researching restaurants/bakeries/bars in the area. That’s the important stuff… who cares if you have to go one day without underwear. We’ll survive.

So this next road trip is for work. Yawn. Boo… work.

Actually, my job is kind of fun… well my third job is fun. I work as a travel editor, but I’m going to be writing about this latest road trip experience down to Owensboro, KY. It is home to the world’s best BBQ and bluegrass music.

Sounds like the perfect place to kick off this spring season. Also I have a dream to be an adventurous travel writer who almost always has it all together, except for the whole packing thing. That could use practice.

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