What Would You Put in Yours?


Sometimes I think about making a time capsule.

What do I have that is important enough to share with future generations?

I am not materialistic. I try not to be, but we all can be at times.

I guess if I could put one thing in my capsule it would  have to be a  letter.

I would write a letter about all of the failings and the successes of my generation.

I think that eventually a handwritten letter will be obsolete. But people will know how to read.

They’ll just never learn how to write words and only be limited by technology and keyboards.

I hope that isn’t true but if it is, maybe my letter will be so powerful and beautiful  that they will want to write again for the sake of art and love and meaning.

One thought on “What Would You Put in Yours?

  1. Great words!! Coincidently this week I had the same thought, that people will not write anymore, just time! But I will never be one of them, because I love writing with my own hands, even though my handwriting is very ugly. 🙂

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