Cosplay Is in a League of Its Own.

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So for the time being this blog is going to be a little more geek focused. I will still have lots of travel entries, but I’m working on another site called UpbeatGeek. That one will definitively be mostly geek and pop culture, but for now I still wanted to do something with TheDrinkingTraveler.

I’ve been hard at work on some cosplay. For anyone that doesn’t know, cosplay is short for costume play. It’s a performance art where costumes and fashion accessories represent a specific character in a fandom. I fell in love with it last year at C2E2, but I didn’t delve into the world until I went to Chicago Wizard World. It’s awesome, and you should try it!

I went as Ms. Marvel, and my friend went as Peach. All the little kids knew who my friend was, but all the artists knew who I was. It was cool to get to be a act like a different persona for awhile, and after wearing a blonde wig for eight hours…I have to say that blondes do have more fun. But brunettes do have the brains ❤

Also… I’ll keep you up to date on my next project: Poison Ivy.

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