It’s Been a Long Time.



There are moments in my life where I question if I’m too big of an a**hole. You know those beautiful times of solitude where we should appreciate the magnificence of the universe, but then my brain spews out some worthless thing that sounds an awful lot like sarcasm. That’s been happening lately. Which is kind of why I haven’t felt the sudden urge to write inspiring content… or any content for that matter.

Also, I stopped doing yoga and I’ve kind of just been grazing on Dunkin Donuts and Big Macs for two weeks which probably explains all the health issues and lack of motivation. But I promise that I’ll be back soon… chipper and less angry about the universe–insert sarcastic quip here.

I have missed writing. And traveling… being a working girl in an office cubicle kind of takes the joy out of life. I think I fully understand/appreciate the boundless amusement that Office Space finally makes sense in my world. I’m not sure if that’s a positive thing or not.

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