I have some REALLY big news!


So I’m really excited about this because it’s been a work in progress for a really long time, but I FINALLY published my first book. I’m beyond excited. Anyways, I could really use some of my followers help with getting reviews out so if you’re interested in a free copy of my book please email me a.s.a.p at jwedd2012@gmail.com. All you have to do is give me an honest review in return. You guys are awesome, and I hope you had a fabulous holiday! ❤

Here’s a little synopsis for anyone that is interested:

To Alison there’s no such thing as too much trouble.
Theo Veltri arrives on a bus, carrying nothing but a ragged old suitcase that has nothing but bizarre weapons inside. He is claiming that he is the King’s Adviser. The Adviser to her dead father, the King of a far-off place known as Newhollow. Alison starts to question her own sanity. Maybe, her mother’s craziness was genetic? But his charm and good looks aren’t the only thing attracting Alison to him. He’s full of the adventurous spirit that she has always secretly craved.
Alison quickly learns why she’s never felt like she belongs in this world as she fights off Sneaks and Shades and other treacherous creatures in a place full of secrets and danger.
She stumbles upon a dreamy Wolf Prince named Riley in the forest, and he’s claiming that they’re Soulfires. But he also believes that Theo is a traitor. She couldn’t possibly believe this person she just met over the one who showed her who she truly is: Could she?
When all choices feel so forbidden—will it change the Prophecy that has been laid out before her for centuries. Can she still save the world with one of these men by her side? Or will both the human world she never belonged in and the new one that feels so much like the home she never knew collapse into the darkness?

IF you’re feeling extra giving then why not support your favorite indie writer? 😉

Forbidden Choices <Click this to go to the Website

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