Take a Deep Breath Today.


I sit here and I wonder what happened to all of those dreams that I used to have? I wanted to be a veterinarian, a zoologist, a teacher and then a writer. And then in the stillness of the night… I grew up and I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I watched from afar as things never seemed to go how I had expected them to. I couldn’t take a breath because life was moving too fast and I kept putting things off. I kept saying eventually I’ll figure it out. Whatever “it” was that I was supposed to figure out. Well “it” never did get figured out so now here I am at 24 still trying to figure “it” out. And I get those same questions.

What do you want to do now?

Are you going to get married?

Are you going to have children?

And when those questions cease I take a moment for a deep breath to think about that first one more seriously: What do you want to do now?

Well now, I work as an assistant teacher at a daycare. I chase children, I teach words and I change diapers and to an outsider it might not look like much but it’s nice to hear those children laugh and to get hugs each day that are the only thing they can give to you. I’ll take that now and I’ll be happy.

And sure I want to be a writer. I can still write at the end of the day. Just do the thing that makes you happy and it’ll feel like your own little piece of success. Just take “it” one day at a time and remember to take a deep breath today.

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