Why Can’t We be Friends?


So I’ve been working at a daycare for around six months now and it’s anything short of blissful. Yesterday, I got a booger wiped on my favorite sweater and a little girl hit her face on her cot while jumping up and down. Three teachers did not make it in time to get the girl before she plummeted face down into the cot and was profusely bleeding from her lip. Oh, the joys of clumsy children who hate taking naps.

I finally made what I’m going to call “progress” towards making friends at this new job. I was added on Facebook by one of my coworkers my first week and this week seven more coworkers added me to their Facebook. Yay! I’ve never really had a difficult time making friends but for some reason I can’t get out of my shell at this place. It’s probably because I’m what is referred to as a floater, not the kind of floater that would be in your toilet (I know, TMI sorry haha) but the kind that wanders aimlessly around the school waiting for something to happen to help out a teacher.

Have you ever just thought, “What the hell am I doing with my life?” Especially, when your current job is synonymous with a literal turd. Literally, I just kind of float around hoping that something is going to happen eventually. Did I mention that I’m now a published writer? No, well I am. I got a job as a freelance writer with the Chicago Tribune. Also, I have an interview for a full time reporter job this week. Is this what being an adult feels like?


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