No one said it was going to be easy.


I ate that chicken stir fry with a look of disgust. It was mostly veggies with just a hint of chicken and each bite made me want to cry tears of hatred, but I said to myself: “No girl, you have to run faster than your mascara runs down your face as you eat this horrible rabbit food.”

So I did. Yesterday, I ran my best time. One mile in 8 minutes. Seriously, I’ve been training for only 3 weeks now, and I finally hit the mile in 8 minutes. I get it that isn’t anything to dance around about for all of those fitness pros, but for me that was well-deserving of a large slice of chocolate cake.

I’m done with diets and starvation techniques and so-called “cleanses”. We really know what those “cleanses” are all about… They need to come with warning labels and you better call in to work that week because well we all know where you end up after one of those.

I just want to say that if you’re thinking about getting off the couch and kicking some ass then Just Do It. Yes, I’m quoting Nike now. I’m a real fitness person.

I’m just kidding, I’m not really a fitness person. I still have two pints of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia in my freezer. After I get done training, I’m probably going to go devour half of it and some Oreo’s. But let’s be honest here because we all have flaws–mine just happens to be a sugar addiction.

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