Hello, Miss Vegetarian.


There I was, minding my own business when suddenly it flashed upon my Netflix screen–Food, Inc.

“Well, this can’t be so bad.”  I thought to myself.

I pushed the play button and we fast forward to three weeks later. I haven’t been able to touch meat. Every time I think about touching meat an image of a million fat chickens who can’t even stand or shit without getting excrement on their mate flashes into my mind.

You know, I’ve never been a fan of eating hamburgers or steak so I think that part didn’t bother me as much. It’s been three weeks, and I strangely haven’t felt better. I haven’t really missed eating meat because I’ve been so preoccupied with attempting not to F*** up an impossible meatless recipe.

The thing that vegetarian/vegans do not tell you is that the food they make is impossible to cook. Not impossible but it’s challenging. And it’s delicious. My diet, and I don’t mean “Diet” in terms of trying to lose weight but I mean the thing that essentially makes up what you put into your body has been lacking something for quite some time. Creativity.

So who knows if I’ll be vegetarian in a year. But for now it’s fun and delicious. I think when vegetarians/vegans brag about their success meat eaters take it the wrong way and then throw out words like “yummy” and “bacon”. What we should be saying is not only are we supporting agriculture torture, but the spread of diseases that could potentially kill us by eating meat. The food that we put into our bodies is making us sick, it’s causing children to have type 2 diabetes before their time and taking dozens of lives. I think that we should be spreading awareness to eat less meat, and not trying to shove our beliefs/values onto someone else’s plate.

Even vegetarians/vegans have issues with trying to remain healthy in a world where large corporations don’t have to label their products to keep consumers informed:

There’s a debate about GMO’s and the food we eat that we cannot ignore. It’s better to be educated then to ignore the facts and research, but we are all entitled to have an opinion. My opinion is that while the idea of GMO crops is wonderful: to feed a growing population as a cheaper alternative. It is not yet ready to be given to the public. We’re basically the test subjects of a product that has not had enough research on how it will affect human health. Not to mention we’re also ingesting chemicals/pesticides that the workers are warned to not even touch because of safety issues. But it’s okay if you eat it, right?

So remember friends that the GMO argument may just be another red herring used by a big corporation so that we forget about the real problem here: Harmful pesticides that we are ingesting.







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