Writing Prompt 003

Use these three nouns in your story: “A newbie reporter, a video arcade that time forgot, a pager receiving mysterious messages.”

I walked by the Namco Arcade once more with a hopeful glint in my eye. This was it. This was the day that someone would answer my questions, but that was just the thing. No one ever answered my questions.

It was tough being thirteen.

It was even tougher to be a budding journalist that everyone mistook as being a snot-nosed little kid that loved to be in everyone’s business. Kim Davis, private-eye, exclusive investigator.

I gave a deep inhale of a breath and turned to walk away from the place I had been scoping out for weeks. Where the hell was the owner?  Nobody just disappears in a town like Henderson, Nevada. It ain’t big enough for that.

My cellphone buzzed loudly at my side, and I hopped on my bicycle sticking my pen and paper haphazardly into my shorts pocket. A car horn honked loudly at an intersection as a large pick-up truck whizzed through a red light.

I rode my bicycle through town like the cops were hot on my trail after discovering a big leak in the town’s finance sector with the head chief being the main culprit. It was all fictionally created in my head, but one day that would happen. I’d skip town, and I’d head to Mexico and live off of tequila and Pesos or so that’s what all the investigative reporters that ever got caught seemed to do.

My mom loved to tell me I didn’t know much about the world.

She didn’t realize that the world didn’t know much about me either. I was going to be big. I was going to be huge, and I was going to be a star that surpassed even the likes of Barbara Walters. Shining so brightly with truth that I would hurt the eyes of all that came near me.

A sudden flash in the sky made me re-evaluate my previous daydream. Another flash and a loud bang followed. I had to turn around. I had to see what that was. I would be ignoring my journalistic integrity if I did not follow this lead.

I raced through the streets and there it was. A giant hole in the roof of Namco Arcade. I went to the entrance of the arcade, and I held my breath. I half-hoped that the door would be locked, but this was too close to my future for it to be locked and somewhere deep inside I knew it.

I pushed gently on the door to the loud tinkle of bells behind me, and I closed it even more gently so I wouldn’t disturb the thing that may have crash landed into Earth. There was a giant gaping hole in the ground that was the size of a dining room table. I got down on my hands and knees to examine it.

This was not the place that I was meant to die in. I still had time, right?

I looked around the environment to find the cobwebs had grown around the air hockey tables, the eerie lights reflected blue against the walls near all the broken machines and even the Out of Order signs taped in red tape had a menacing appearance.

I reached down into the pit and moved some of the debris with my hand. There was something down there I just couldn’t figure out what it was just yet.

I looked at the tiny strange machine giving off frequent beeps every few minutes. Was it some kind of alien technology that our fragile human minds were incapable of understanding? 

“That right there’s a beeper, little lady.” A southern drawl in the back corner bellowed out. A man appeared with a bud light in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!” I squealed.

“Well, sorry ’bout your luck. That’s my beeper though.” He drawled on.

“Where did it come from?” I ask.

“The past.” He vaguely responded.

“But how?” I asked.

“If you want answers the beeper will supply them.” He replied.

I looked down at the faded green screen and one single message appeared, “You are not alone.” It scrolled across the screen, and I ran out of that place with the answer that I had been searching for all along.












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