The Replacements

steampunk-robots1A deep sense of dread fills the empty room as I look around to the realization that I am alone–there is a dog, happily wagging her tail. There is the sound of a clicking keyboard, but besides those two rhythmic sounds the only thing that answers back should I step away from this place is silence.

We wonder now how jobs affect us. Jobs are the social connection that we crave as humans, but what if I told you that one day there were no jobs. What if I told you that technological advances eliminated an entire workforce. I wonder if you’d believe me? If I told you that while you were happily serving customers their frozen delights that the company you worked for was plotting to eliminate your position with a methodical robot that didn’t get sick, and he didn’t die. He was just a thing that could break, but he probably wouldn’t break–he was intelligent and yet did not need the things that you needed.

I look at the glowing screen in front of me. I’ve been locked in the room for quite some time. I wonder now if it was all worth it to the people that made the things that replace us. It is those replacements that have locked us away because we are of no use to them. They’ve shoved us in small homes and told us we would be safe there.

My dog barks as she sits upon the window sill with her two legs happily moving back and forth across the sill as she chases a squirrel. I would give anything to be the dog right now. I now understand why people used to say ignorance is bliss, and the only reason I’m still here with my 161 IQ and lack in social skills and grace is that the Replacements couldn’t totally eliminate me. They need me to fix them and their brethren if their systems should fail. I after all am their mother, and I gave them life. I couldn’t possibly take it away even if they destroyed humanity.

(Note: I just started working on a new piece. I thought I’d share a bit of it.)

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